Charcoal+Keratin næring

Charcoal+Keratin næring

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Charcoal + Keratin næring

Endurbætt,  hárnæring fyirr gæludýr. Hentar öllum feldgerðum. Er með pH-jafnvægi frá bambus kolum til að taka upp steinefni, eiturefni, óhreinindi og önnur skaðleg efni og skilar húðinni  sterkari og heilbrigðari.

Charcoal + Keratin conditioner

Newly improved, the unmatched pet conditioner for all types of coats with just the right balance of rich body and weightless feel. Features pH-balanced bamboo charcoal to absorb minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances, leaving your pet’s skin stronger and healthier. Hydrolyzed keratin & vegetable proteins add excellent conditioning and moisturization to the hair.

  • NO Sulfates
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Phthalates
  • Naturally Inspired
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Contains Vitamins for body & thickness
  • Provides manageability
  • Adds moisture
  • Contains vegetable proteins
  • Contains keratin amino acids
  • Repairs damage
  • Enhances volume
  • Restores the natural body detoxifies with charcoal.

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