Squalene Sjampó

Squalene Sjampó

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Nourishing + Hydrating + Protection

iGroom Squalane Care shampoo is perfectly formulated with Squalane and other antioxidant extracts to help to reduce breakage and split ends and promote longer stronger and healthier looking hair.

Benefits of Squalane:

  • Extra Conditioning, Hydrating and Moisturizing
  • Reduces frizz and keeps hair frizz-free
  • Protects hair from color degradation and
  • promoting long-lasting color
  • Helps sealing down cuticles and restores a more natural structure of the hair
  • Provides heat protection and prevents damage from heat styling products
  • Provides lubricity on the hair allowing easier combing
  • Improves elasticity, strengthens the hair and prevents breakage

NO Sulfates
NO Parabens
NO Phthalates
NO Animal Ingredients
Naturally Derived
Environmentally Sustainable

Recommend Dilute Rate 8:1 (for Max. result, use full strength)